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Hello and welcome to my blog, EduCaitional Technology! As you may have deduced from the title of my blog, my name is Cait, and I am a 1st grade teacher. In my eight years of teaching I have also taught 3rd grade and Pre-K. I went to The Pennsylvania State University and I am certified in Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education and Instructional Technology Specialist. I am passionate about incorporating technology into the classroom, and I want to inspire you to integrate technology into your curriculum!

Across the nation educators are in a tizzy about implementing the new Common Core Standards. In the past, using technology was a novel activity isolated to a once a week, 45 minute session in the computer lab. The Common Standards, however, call for technology to be taken out of the labs and to be brought into the classroom. Based on the Common Core Standards, Technology Education should not just stand alone, but rather be integrated into the other subject areas, such as reading and mathematics.

Based on these changes in philosophy, a trend in Education is to purchase new technology for classrooms. I recently received an Epson Brightlink Interactive Projector, iPad, Apple TV and an Aver Vision document camera (and I gave my overhead projector the boot!) If you are fortunate, like me, you may have some technology tools at your disposal. On the other hand, you might not have very much technology accessible to you and your students. No matter how much technology you have, many teachers are timid when it comes to utilizing technology in the classroom. I want to help you make the most of the technology you have! Through this blog, it is my goal to show you how I use technology in my classroom, and to support you, my fellow educators, in your quest to increase technology use in your classroom.

Through the course of the school year I will be designing weekly cross-curricular projects for my 1st grade students, which I, in turn will share on this blog. Please let me know if there are any topics your would be interested in having me address. I hope you will embark on this journey with me, and I look forward to your feedback and interaction!

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