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Inquiry-Based Learning, I’m All In!

I’m all in!

Over the course of this semester, I have learned about Inquiry-Based Learning, and I have discovered that it is what my instruction has been missing! As I reflect on my projects in STEAM, I realize that some of my projects included inquiry, but not all. I have come to understand the importance of student-driven instruction. This course has given me the toolkit and skill-set that I need to implement Inquiry-Based Learning in a more intentional way.

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My Ever-Changing Mental Model of Inquiry-Based Learning

Over the past two weeks, my mental model of inquiry-based learning has developed.  One new insight I have gained is that there different types of inquiry.  Inquiry can be teacher directed, teacher-student shared or student directed.  I also learned that these types of inquiry-based learning exist on a spectrum.  On one end of the spectrum is structured, teacher-directed inquiry and on the other end of the spectrum is student-centered, open inquiry.  In the middle of the spectrum is guided inquiry that is teacher-student shared.  We also learned that inquiry can be multidisciplinary (Topic C, 2018). Continue reading