Truffula Trees

As a child I always was enthralled with the illustrations in Dr. Seuss books.  I always wondered what it would be like to live in his world.

As a teacher, I want my classroom to be a beautiful place where children feel like they have stepped into a book!

When I obtained my position as a first grade teacher, I new it would be my opportunity to create my Dr. Seuss themed classroom.  I always loved how colorful the trees were in his stories, so I filling my room with Truffula trees was an absolute must!

2011-08-18 15.02.57

2013-08-26 07.46.42-1

I created these Truffula trees by using jumbo pipe cleaners for the trunks.  For the smaller trees, I used regular sized, striped pipe cleaners.  To make the tops of the trees I cut the shapes out of foam.  Then I glued feather boa on them using a hot glue gun.

After I joined Pinterest, I found another genius way of making Truffula trees using plumbing insulation, duct tape and tissue paper pom poms. You should check out the original blog post by Mrs. Lodge.  She has fantastic step by step directions on how to make Truffula trees.

Here are some photos of the Truffula trees I added to my room.  Thanks for the inspiration Mrs. Lodge!

2013-08-26 07.44.00

Stay Tuned for more great photos of my Dr. Seuss Themed classroom!

What were your favorite children’s books as a child, and how have you incorporated them into your classroom theme?

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