Oh the Places You’ll Go with Good Behavior

The Inspiration

I originally got the idea for my behavior clip chart from the blog, Littlest Learners.  I have used many different classroom management systems throughout my 8 years of teaching, but this is the one that works best for me!  This is similar to the traditional stop light behavior management chart. With the stop light chart, students begin on green, and if they make poor choices they are moved to yellow and then red. What makes this chart different is it gives students who are making good choices the opportunity to move up the chart, and go above and beyond.  I like how it recognizes exceptional students for a job well done!

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Using the Behavior Calendar to Communicate with Parents

My mentor teacher used the stop light chart when I was student teaching in 1st grade.  At the end of each day students had a calendar they kept in their take home folders.  They would color the calendar square for the day the color their clip was on at the end of the day. I borrowed this idea, and I have my students keep a “Behavior Calendar” in their folders.  On the back of the calendar I have a for the parents’ reference.  I ask that the parents initial the calendar each night, so I know they saw it.

Eek!  What if the Go Home on Red?

I have a form called the Making Good Choices form.  On this form I can check off behaviors that need improvement.  I have a place for comments.  Student and parents sign the form and send it back the next day.

“What do I get if I get pink?”

For most students I have found the joy of seeing their clip move up the chart is reward enough.  Some students on the other hand feel like they deserve something for a job well done.  To fulfill this need I put students name on a pink raffle ticket at the end of the day if they go home on pink.  At the end of the week I pull a name out of my jar and the winner gets to pick a prize.

Coming Soon:  Teaching Students to use Hand Signals

2 thoughts on “Oh the Places You’ll Go with Good Behavior

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  2. Sami

    Hi Cait,

    Just wondering what the Making Good Choices form looks like. I have a similar behaviour chart but give smilies at instead and at the end of the week they can cash them in for coupons, but this behaviour chart seems like a great idea to keep parents in the loop.



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