Cross-Curricular Centers for the 100th Day of School


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Preparing for the 100th Day of School

My coworker and I have been busy perusing Pinterest to help spice up our 100th Day of School celebration this year.  We decided to create center activities for the students to rotate through on the big day!  We celebrated our 100th Day this past Thursday!

 Our Centers

Stacking 100 Cups:  The first center students will build a 100 cup structure.  We got this idea from the blog Joyful Learning in KC  via Pinterest.  We modified this activity by adding addition and subtraction facts!  The  facts go on the outside and students can check their answer by peeking inside the cup where it is written.  We got this idea while on a walkthrough observation in a third grade classroom at our school, and we meshed the two together!

Build a Structure with 100 toothpicks and 100 Marshmallows:  We found this on Pinterest via this pin.

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100 Piece Puzzle:  In this center students collaborated to build a 100 piece puzzle!

100 Year Old Portraits:  Students will make portraits of what they will look like when they are 100 years old!  We found this idea on the blog Fabulous in First via Pinterest.

100 Day News:  Students completed a writing prompt in a newspaper article format.

Roll to 100:  I made a giant hundreds chart out of a shower curtain liner.  Students rolled the die and could use their bodies or stuffed animals as game pieces.  Whoever gets to 100 first wins!

Graphing 100 M&Ms:  Students sorted 100 M&Ms.   We practiced skip counting by 2s to count  each color.  Then we made a graph on the IWB as shown  below:

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Interactive Hundreds Chart:  There are a bunch of interactive hundred charts out there that a perfect to use with your IWB.  Here is a list of my favorites:

ABCya! Fun colors, great for skip counting.

Splat Square– Students splat numbers on the hundreds chart with paint. (Picture shown above).

Interactive Number Grid- Allows you to cover up numbers.  Great for teaching 1 more, 1 less, 10 more, 10 less.

BBC- Students have to fill in the missing numbers on a hundreds chart.

Counter Square –Great for playing games like Roll to One Hundred, because it has counters that can be placed on the same square.  Next year I will definitely be using this instead of the shower curtain mat!  It will be less chaotic!

Give the Dog a Bone–  This is a blank hundreds chart. Students are given a number that they have to find on the hundreds chart.

NVLM Hundreds Chart–  Great for animating skip counting.

One Hundred Boxes  & Hundreds Table Math Game- Students practice adding and subtracting on the hundreds chart with these games.


Last of all this day of celebration wouldn’t be complete without a special treat!  At the end of the day we will give students 1 wafer cookie and 2 Fudge Stripes.  We got this idea from the For the Love of Kindergarten Blog.

What are your favorite ways to celebrate the  100th Day  of School?




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