I haven’t tweeted or written a blog post since April.  I want to apologize for my absence to all of my followers, and my PLN, particularly everyone in my @EDTechTLC and  the #blogamonth group.  When I started this blog, my goal was to write a post weekly, and it seems I can’t even post once a month! I won’t go into great detail about why I couldn’t keep up, but I will say  I had a particularly challenging school year, and I got stuck in survival mode.  Teaching is tough stuff!

Just Keep Digging

Have you ever heard of the saying, “Just when you think you’ve hit rock bottom, someone goes and throws you a shovel and tells you to keep digging”?  There were many times this school year when I thought I hit rock bottom.  Below I have compiled a list of tweets from some of my funny/sad/desperate moments that occurred during the school year.  Since I was too busy to tweet these gems at the time they were happening, I present to you all of my #rockbottom moments in 140 characters or less; I hope you appreciate my witty take on the ugly reality of being a teacher.   (For anyone interested in becoming a teacher, you might want to read over these well so you know what you are getting yourself into, this could be you in 8 years!)

Teaching Doesn’t Pay the Bills…

“I used to get excited for Fridays so I could go out, now I’m excited to buy Toilet Paper!!! #paydayfriday #rockbottom

Because Teaching Doesn’t Pay the Bills You Have to Work 2 Jobs and Subsequently You Live Out of Your Car… 

“I just took this whole #Iliveoutofmycar thing to a whole new level, I ate an entire gluten free pizza in it before cheerleading #rockbottom

“Oil Change & giving myself a manicure before girls’ weekend so they don’t see how badly I’ve let myself go! #Iliveoutofmycar #rockbottom

And Because You Work Two Jobs You Are Exhausted and Forgetful…

“Just realized that I came to work with my dress on backwards #rockbottom #Embarrasing #exhausted

“Just used #findmyiPhone and it was in my pocket the entire time #rockbottom”

“Classroom walk-throughs by the superintendent today, and I forgot to wear deodorant, whoops! #sweaty #rockbottom”

“Ugh, forgot to brush my teeth, good thing there is mouthwash in the faculty bathroom” #rockbottom”

And you Multi-Task…

“That awkward moment when you are using the hot glue gun and eating string cheese and you don’t know which is which #rockbottom”

And You Don’t Have Time for Laundry…

“Wearing a dirty maxi skirt to work because I have nothing clean to wear thank you #febreze #rockbottom

And You Stress Eat…

“Just ate an entire chocolate bunny #rockbottom”

“Taking a bath and eating a chocolate gob at the same time #rockbottom”

“Did I really just get in my car at the end of the school day and eat a stale gummy bear?  #rockbottom”

“Just broke into the kid’s piñata candy, Worst-Teacher-Ever #rockbottom”

And You would think that it is summer break, and I should have my life pulled together by now, but sadly, you are wrong…

“Just when I get moved into my new apartment a pipe leaks causing the ceiling to collapse in the kitchen #plumbingproblems”

“Getting FroYo for lunch so I can use their bathroom since I still can’t flush my toilet #plumbingproblems”

That’s All Folks

Looking back at this school year, although it was tough, I don’t think I have ever really hit rock bottom in my life. In comparison to a lot of people in this world, I know I my problems are small and trivial. I have been very blessed in life, and although teaching can be tough, it is my calling.  I hope you enjoyed my list of tweets that I didn’t have time to send during the school year. Once I get settled into my new place, I promise I will be posting some good content again, and I’m looking forward to reconnecting with many of you on Twitter!

What was your #rockbottom moment this school year?

One thought on “#RockBottom

  1. Darin Johnston


    You are right, this post did make me laugh, but then I felt guilty for doing so! I hope you are find a tiny bit of peace right now and have gotten off of rock bottom. There are days where I’m not sure that there is another place other than rock bottom, yet, we both know that’s not true! 🙂

    Take care,



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