Oh the Places You’ll Go- Hot Air Balloon Glyphs

2013-10-02 14.14.26

I love hanging things from my ceiling; it really brings a classroom to life! As you know, I have a Dr. Seuss theme in my classroom. At the beginning of the year I read my students the story Oh the Places You’ll Go. Then we made hot air balloon glyphs to get to know each student better!

2013-10-02 14.13.53

Top Stripe:  Favorite Color

2nd Stripe: Color of Your Favorite Food

3rd Stripe:  Color of Hair

4th Stripe:  Favorite Team Colors

5th Stripe:  Color of Shirt

6th Stripe:  Color of Eyes

7th Stripe:  Color of Bedroom

Once students completed their glyphs I mounted them on clouds, and laminated them.  Then I hung them from the ceiling.  I tie fishing line to a paper clip, and on the other end I tie the fishing line to a clothes pin.  Using a clothes pin makes it easy to switch out student work throughout the year.

How do you decorate your classroom ceiling?  Share your pins below!

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