Top Ten Things Teachers Should be Able to do in ActivInspire

Thumbnail 2 for PumpkinsIn my previous post Using ActivInspire to Create Cross-Curricular lessons, I introduced you to some basic ActivInspire skills when I created my Boots for Beth cross-curricular lesson.  I wanted to advance my ActivInspire skills, so I viewed some different tutorials to learn how I could make my ActivInspire Flipcharts more engaging.  

After dabbling in ActivInspire to create my Pumpkin Time Mini-Unit , (available for purchase in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store).   I complied a list of skills I felt were important to creating engaging lessons in ActivInspire.  In this video I will delve into some more advanced ActivInspire skills.   I hope you find this tutorial useful.  Please let me know if you have any questions!

Coming Soon:  True Confessions of my Webquest Blunders

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