Trick for Keeping Desks in Place!

It’s a lot of work coming up with a seating arrangement! You spend a great deal of time creating the perfect seating chart before you even get to physically moving the desks! Without fail, within an hour my students have pushed their desks completely catawampus! So to combat this I came up with a solution! Are you ready?

Zip Ties!

Now it’s virtually impossible for their desks to move! Just had to share this “Eureka” moment with you!


2 thoughts on “Trick for Keeping Desks in Place!

  1. Kendra

    Caitlin! We love our zip ties. We started using them last year, when we wanted to convert our desks more into table tops as we moved away from seating arrangements. It really does keep the desks in place. Thanks for sharing this awesome, easy idea!


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